May 2017 in Review

A busy month due to exams but still managed to shoot two gigs, one at the start of the month and the other at the last week of the month.


May started with Singapore Originals 新創 Valence 薇倫絲 held at Switch by Timbre. Singapore Originals 新創 is a monthly gig organised by Switch by Timbre, and it features local original Mandarin bands or music artistes. In this month, it featured Valence 薇倫絲.

Singapore Originals 新創 Valence 薇倫絲//

Singapore Originals 新創 Valence 薇倫絲


Ended the month with 樂 (約) 在 Lepark held at Lepark, organised by Over the Moon 跨樂 and Lepark. This is an acoustic gig featuring Adia Tay and Beer Buddies.

樂 (約) 在 Lepark//

樂 (約) 在 Lepark