Airbnb Review: Steve and Phoebe Airbnb

In my recent trip to Taipei last month, I managed to book a private bedroom accommodation at Steve and Phoebe Airbnb (SandPbnb). It was sometime back last year, my New Zealand-Taiwanese friend, Steve Leggat and his wife, Phoebe Lu had listed out one of their apartment’s bedroom as an Airbnb accommodation. Without thinking twice, I made my reservation as I had always wanted to experience what’s like staying at a Taiwanese friend’s home. Together with the fact that I was traveling alone and I don’t need much space to stay over, so this small guestroom of Steve’s place would do.

Taipei 2017//

The living room and dining area

Taipei 2017//

The window area of the living room

Photo from Steve’s Instagram @sleggat

Here at SandPbnb, you are provided with a queen sized bed, and basic bathroom essentials such as bath and face towel, shampoo, hair dryer and clothe hangers. The apartment has WI-FI and the living room is a common area to chill out with a laptop friendly work space. Even though the apartment is air-conditioned, the air-con was switched off because it was the winter season when I went to Taipei. The winter temperature outside do gets cold especially at night or when it rains, so thicker blankets are always available upon request if you should ever need one.

Both Steve and Phoebe are very friendly people that can strike up a casual conversation and they recommend you places for food or visits around Taipei. Steve, being a fan of underground and indie music, he might even recommend you various awesome Taiwanese bands to check, especially if you are into hardcore, punk, metal, alternative or indie.


Located at Ningbo West Street of Zhongzheng District in Taipei, SandPbnb is just a 10 minutes walk from Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Metro (MRT) station on the Songshan-Xindian MRT line. Around the neighborhood it is accessible to various places within walking distance such as the Chiang kai-Shek Memorial Hall 中正紀念堂, Taipei Botanical Garden 臺北植物園, National Museum of History 國立歷史博物館, Nanmen Market 南門市場, and 228 Peace Park 二二八和平公園.

Some photos of the neighborhood.

Taipei 2017//

Guling Street 牯嶺街

Taipei 2017//

Chiang kai-Shek Memorial Hall 中正紀念堂

Taipei 2017//

Liberty Square 自由廣場 at Chiang kai-Shek Memorial Hall 中正紀念堂


Besides these places within the neighborhood, Revolver Bar, a bar/gig venue/art house is located just within walking distance from SandPbnb as well. As a fan of underground music, Revolver was where I spent and ended my nights at during the trip, also Steve and I attended 2 gigs at Revolver on my first and second night. Not only that, I made new friends and caught up with friends over at Revolver as well.

Taipei 2017//

Taipei 2017//

Taipei Hates Punk Rock//


Overall I would very highly recommend SandPbnb if you are traveling alone due to the small space, looking for a quieter accommodation in a local residential district away from the crowded tourists and shopping districts, or a history enthusiast due to the location being close to the various historical museum and parks. Fans of underground and independent music are highly recommended as well due to it being near Revolver and if you are lucky, Steve might follow you to a gig at Revolver. For more information, visit Steve and Phoebe’s Airbnb listing here.


January 2017 in Review

A month full of gigs, event and a short overseas trip to kick start the year 2017.


Started off the year 2017 with SiksakubuR Mazmur 187 Tour Live in Singapore held at Hood Bar and Cafe. This gig was by Indonesian Death Metal band, SiksakubuR as part of their 187 Tour.

SiksakubuR Mazmur 187 Tour//

SiksakubuR Mazmur 187 Tour Live in Singapore


Followed by Hiss from the Moat Asia Tour 2017 held at Hood Bar and Cafe. Headlining this gig was Black and Death Metal band, Hiss from the Moat from Italy as part of their Asia Tour.

Hiss from the Moat Asia Tour 2017//

Hiss from the Moat Asia Tour 2017 Live in Singapore


Had a chance to be shooting RUN FOR LIGHT 2017 that falls on the 14 January 2017, and was held at Gardens by the Bay East Entrance. This was the charity run event organised by Ideas Room Consulting Pte Ltd and Linburger & Wolfe which I had mentioned previously in the November 2016 in Review post where I shot for their Teaser walk event.




Shot Roar Music Singapore X Hong Kong Music Collaboration held at Hood Bar and Cafe. Hong Kong Math-Rock band, GDJYB 雞蛋蒸肉餅 and Hong Kong Indie Rock band, 小紅帽 SHM, as well as our local singer-songwriter, Jin An are on the lineup for this gig.

Roar Music Singapore X Hong Kong Music Collaboration//

Roar Music Singapore X Hong Kong Music Collaboration


Ended off the month with a short 4 days, 3 nights weekend trip to Taipei, Taiwan on the second last week of the month, which falls on the week before Lunar New Year. I booked this trip sometime back in late November last year as I always wanted to go to Taiwan but didn’t have the chance.

Taipei 2017//

Taipei 2017 Day 1

Taipei 2017//

Taipei 2017 Day 2

On the night of my second day in Taipei, I managed to shoot Taipei Hates Punk Rock held at Revolver Bar. A Punk Rock gig by Punkhoo 胖虎, Destroyers 擊沉女孩 and One Step 一步.

Taipei Hates Punk Rock//

Taipei Hates Punk Rock

Taipei 2017//

Taipei 2017 Day 3

Though this was just a short trip to the capital city, Taipei with not much activities being done, but I managed to catch up with some of my Taiwanese friends from the music scene as well as making new friends. Will do a few separate blog posts about my Taipei trip soon, expect reviews on Airbnb that I was staying at, shops and cafes I had visited etc. Before I end this post, I will be back in Taiwan again very soon, sometime mid and late this year.