May 2016 in Review

A busy month due to exams and reservists but I managed to get the chance to shoot some gigs amid this busy schedule.


Started off the month of May with shooting Roar Music 3: Singapore X Taiwan Music collaboration at Hood Bar & Cafe. Taiwanese Indie Rock band, Chocolate Tiger 猛虎巧克力 and our local singer-songwriter, Ling Kai are on the lineup for this gig. The first time seeing Chocolate Tiger live here but third time seeing front-woman, Enno Cheng 鄭宜農. Enno came to Singapore twice previously last year with her side project band, Felix Felicis 小福氣 and as guest-vocals for Taiwanese Math-Rock band, Elephant Gym 大象體操.

Roar Music 3 Singapore X Taiwan Music Collaboration//

Roar Music 3: Singapore X Taiwan Music Collaboration


Ended off the month on the last Sunday of May shooting Metal in the Hood at Hood bar & Cafe. A lineup of local metal bands, Ossuary, Dyeth, Mi Ultimo, Terminal Cry, OSR and Diminished.

Metal in the Hood//

Metal in the Hood