March 2016 in Review

Made a monthly plan with a friend of mine to go around shooting photos at various SG location, from the vanishing ones like Dakota Crescent, Rochor Center, Sungei Road Thief Market, etc to existing preserved heritage places like Tiong Bahru, Telok Ayer, Tanjong Pagar Railway Station etc. Mainly for the love of these places of culture and heritage values which I like.


Started off the month of March shooting at Rochor Centre that is going to be demolished soon sometime this year. The significant and iconic landmarks of Rochor Centre HDB flats that are photo worthy are the colourful four HDB blocks, painted in Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. As well as the rooftop HDB void deck above the Rochor Centre that have playground and various SG50 murals and artworks on the walls of the void decks.

Latest news of Rochor Centre demolishing would be after 30 September 2016 as of this article, Counting down to the end of Rochor Centre on The Straits Times dated 31 March 2016.

It is advisable to head to Rochor Centre before 30 September or rather as early as possible, because as of January this year, 106 out of 183 shops had already moved out.

Rochor Centre 120316//

Rochor Centre 120316


Ended off the month on a Good Friday afternoon at Sungei Road Thief Market. This is also another vanishing place among the list that is also located within the same vicinity as Rochor Centre.

A word of advice for anyone shooting at Sungei Road Thief Market is that not many of these stall owners are willing to have their photos taken, and may even face some angry and hostile stall owners too. The best way to shoot photos of the stalls is to ask the stall owners for permission before shooting.

Sungei Road Thief Market Arab Street 250316//

Sungei Road Thief Market Arab Street 250316


On the same day on Good Friday, I ended the day by heading down to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station for The Local People Express Art Market organised by The Local People during the late afternoon to evening. This former railway station has now been open to the public only on special occasions like public holidays or special events.

The next opening day for Tanjong Pagar Railway Station would be on Labour Day 1 May 2016. It is best to check for any news updates of Tanjong Pagar Railway opening days via Singapore Land Authority Facebook page

The Local People Express Art Market//

The Local People Express Art Market

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